Friday, April 25, 2014

Why And How One Must Choose Nipple Covers For Men
Why And How One Must Choose Nipple Covers For Men
What is a nipple cover?

One must already know the answer to this question if he belongs to the category of men who have tried everything for hiding their protruding nipples. If not, here is the answer. Nipple covers for men are adhesives available in different shapes that do an excellent job in hiding protruding nipples.

Methods used earlier

Until the present time, nipple covers for men have been available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, among them each are used for some specific purpose, also some varieties are created to be used only by women. But for men willing to do such a job, another experimental technique have been introduced. Many men have tried a number of processes for this purpose, from band aid and ending in duct tapes. These methods may often work, but can prove to be embarrassing while explaining the buds to someone in the family. There are many people who have tried the traditional method of wearing several layers of clothes.

How to choose a nipple cover

But these methods are ineffective for athletes, sportsperson or dancers who need to prevent protruding nipples. Several layers of clothing or band aids are of no use to them. Instead, they can use nipple covers that are available in the market which are created especially for them. But although they may work great for sportsperson these variety of nipple covers known as 'activity specific' can not be used by other men who need something larger which need not be too much discrete.

So, before buying, always study the variety which you can find. Take a look at the covers, read the manuals and select the type with which your body shape and need is exactly compatible. After that, become tension free. You can go to any event, either a beach party or a sports or anywhere, free of the tension of protruding nipples.

You were so ecstatic to wear that new running tank your wife bought you, but standing at the finish line you start to feel an all too familiar sensation. Your shirt has literally clasped itself to your raw and burning nipples. Standing very still you slowly peel the soaking wet perpetrator from your torso. You try to alleviate up, but the pain is starting to become real, and you debate whether you must just rip the shirt away swiftly like pulling a bandage from your arm hair, or just leave the shirt attached permanently.

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